Sunday, April 15, 2007

Barat Chapel in Chicago - Still in Danger!

We've posted on the subject of the projected demolition of beautiful, historic Barat College Convent Chapel, and one of my readers in the Chicagoland area informs me that plans are still afoot to trash the place. Indeed, there's a City Council meeting to discuss the matter tomorrow evening:

Consideration of the Previously Tabled Matter of an Appeal of Decisions of the Historic Preservation Commission to deny Requests for Certificates of Appropriateness and Economic Hardship to Allow the Partial Demolition of the Old Main Building at Barat Campus, specifically the Removal of the Thabor wing.
The chapel is a gorgeous bit of architecture, and with so little beauty about these days, it deserves to be saved!

For more, enjoy a virtual walk through the chapel here, with some pleasant background music to boot. Save Barat!

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