Monday, January 22, 2007

Pauline Latin Mass tutorial

Here is a site which will be of especial use to priests or seminarians, "reforming the reform" (or who aspire to help such): Understanding the Latin Mass.

The site introduces itself as follows:

Understanding the Latin Mass: Hear and Learn the Words of the Novus Ordo
Text and Audio CD by Marion P. Smedberg

Explore the meaning of the Latin words of the Mass with this book and its accompanying audio CD. Each word of the Latin Novus Ordo Mass is translated literally, and the form by which you would look it up in a Latin dictionary is given. Then, to help you remember the meaning of the Latin word, the author gives you English words which come from the Latin word. For example, Dominus means "Lord, master," and an English word which comes from dominus is dominate, the way a master would dominate his domain.

Understanding the Latin Mass is unique in its audio-lingual approach to learning the meaning of the Mass, and in its thoroughness. This is not a loose translation, but a digging down into the Latin itself, to understand each Latin word from the "inside."

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