Thursday, January 04, 2007

A comparative liturgical Ordo

Things have been quiet the past day or two as projects are underway, and news is still light as the world wakes up from holidays.

One project I have been toying with is one I'd like to guage interest in.

I am working out a way to create a document that will make it very straightforward to compare the variations in liturgical texts and ceremonial of the various Western rites and the classical Roman rite (as pertains to the Ordo Missae).

The idea behind this is that the Roman missal is that which most have the greatest familiarity as a point of reference. As such, using it as the basic ordo, and then inserting and noting the variations in the other rites would likely be of the most use and comprehensibility as a tool for learning and understanding the variances as well as the similiarities.

If you have suggestions about what you'd find useful or helpful, please comment.

(Incidentally, for those wondering, the pamphlet project is also still underway behind the scenes as well. Work on the pamphlet concerning liturgical orientation is underway on various fronts.)

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