Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ambrosian rite liturgy in the USA

Some of you may recall awhile back that I spoke of an intiative taking place in a north-eastern part of the USA whereby a priest of Milanese background and local ethnic community (as I recall) where planning the celebration of the traditional Ambrosian rite liturgy.

One possibility for that liturgy was this past December, but this wasn't able to happen -- and it sounds like for all the right reasons: to do it well and properly.

I've been asked to put out a request to the list to help them in this regard. They are trying to acquire the Ambrosian chant settings for the feast of St. Ambrose (Dec. 7) and would like them emailed here:

If anyone can help these good people, please do. If you have any further questions about what they specifically need, I would encourage you to email them at that address.

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