Friday, January 05, 2007

Comboxes - a warning

Recently there has been an influx of inappropriate comments in the comboxes.

As people can likely appreciate, this is a busy site, with thousands of people per day. As such, I only have so much time to "police" and thus need people to report to me if something seems unduly offensive, uncharitable, etc.

The rules for the comboxes are as follows:

- it is not a place for rants
- name calling will not be tolerated
- reactionary statements are not welcome
- it is not a place to attack people or deride them

Discussion is to be reasonable.
Disagreement and critique acceptable in the proper context.

The comboxes can add a great interactive dimension on a blog, but not if it is reduced to the above. Moreover, it reflects poorly on the whole site and all on it. And I have no intention of allowing that to happen.

Most I find are very good here in their comments, and keep things above board, but some have taken to another habit. Put bluntly, your comments, as long as they are such, are not welcome here.

I would strongly suggest that if you are angry or upset about something and looking to rant, take out your frustration with physical exercise or some other such means, not here.

Further, I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that don't fit the reasonably flexible criteria, at my own discretion. Sometimes people will notice their own, moderate responses also deleted and this is only to remove the entire thread so as to prevent it from flaring up again. I thank those, however, who take the time to rebut those who make inappropriate comments.

Again, if you see them, report them to me, no matter how old the thread.

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