Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Abbe Barthe on the Motu Proprio

[Abbe Claude Barthe is the author of Beyond Vatican II and was a presenter at the recent CIEL colloquium hosted at Oxford University. He is well-connected. This piece apparently comes from him, and gives his thoughts on the present status of the papal motu proprio. I should note, however, that I am uncertain as to the original source -- though I should wonder about Le Forum Catholique. Moreover, I cannot attest to translation accuracy, context, etc. Still, I thought it worth sharing.]

"As far as we can know, there were two successive revisions made to the Motu Proprio. It is the second one - which is more complete and which specifies, in particular, the regulation of the rules - which was examined by the council covened by the Ecclesia Dei Commission in December. There were a few modifications made which were integrated by the Commission and the text is "awaiting signature" on the Pope's desk. The Pope is well known for taking his time for decisions (he became legendary in Munich, in the short time in which he was an archbishop). The text is as of now known [only] by Cardinal Ricard, Cardinal Barbarin, and a certain number of French bishops, at least in broad outline. Their reactions, the precautions which they are taking, the way in which they speak about it with their clergy, seem to indicate that there is nothing bureacratic in the document (it should theoretically have nothing to do with the Ecclesia Dei communities as such), but that the "request of faith ful" should be satisfied obligatorily, without the bishops being able to oppose it, except in a justified manner. I do not think, but I can be mistaken, that the freedom of the Mass will be forced [upon the bishops]. I believe that the psychological shock that freedom will produce will be salutary, even if it involve difficulties, those which we can imagine and others, doubtless, that we cannot imagine."

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