Tuesday, January 23, 2007

NLM projects

While I haven't been asked, I'm sure many of you are likely wondering, whatever happened to the NLM Liturgical Catechesis Series (the "pamphlets"), or the NLM Practicum page?

The answer is, they are still being worked upon. Of course, all of these projects take time, and in addition to these, I am now also working on the publication of the 2005-2006 NLM Review.

As with anything which one wishes to develop with quality and significance they take time. But I want people to know that these projects will come to fruition, and they are all in development. However, I wouldn't want to release them until they reach a certain point of maturation.

You may also wonder about the series I told you about prior to Christmas that will examine the reform of the breviary. This also will be forthcoming, but our originally planned Epiphany starting date for this series had to be pushed back slightly. This particular series will be handled by some notable scholars -- a notable scholars tend to be busy people.

In the future as well, we may have some pieces on the Bragan rite and the York use, which I have organized with certain individuals -- time-permitting for them of course.

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