Monday, January 15, 2007

The New Liturgical Movement... in print Review?

There have been some discussions and requests behind the scenes about having some of the past NLM posts more easily accessible and readily available for reference.

This tied into an idea I've been throwing around in my own mind. That idea is to make an in-print annual NLM "Review" where I would publish for reference the original contributions which were more substantive, i.e. essays, longer opinion pieces, book and DVD reviews, etc. in a professionally bound and produced journal format.

It would require no outlay of funds on my own part, simply the time, as it would be "on demand" and yet would be quite affordable, and could include in that a fundraising means for the NLM in addition.

The benefit of this is that rather than these writings disappearing into the digital archive bin, they would at least be more easily available, by subject, in an annually printed volume -- while still of course being freely available online through the archives.

Just to get a sense, are there readers here who would be interested in such a thing in principle?

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