Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reviving the NLM Eastern Catholic Correspondent: Call for Submissions

The post on Chevetogne reminds me of a matter which I have sought to address for some time.

When the New Liturgical Movement initially began in 2005, we included an Eastern Christian correspondent in our midst -- which was quite purposeful. That role was amicably filled by Abbot Joseph of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Redwood, California until his abbatial duties, understandably, simply didn't allow for it. Since then, that vision has never been altered.

Accordingly, for those Eastern Catholic clerics or academics out there, the NLM is on the lookout for an Eastern Christian correspondent.

The envisioned correspondent would be:

+ in full communion with the Holy See

+ be specifically knowledgeable in and able to write concerning Eastern Christian liturgy, architecture, iconography and monasticism

+ fit in with the general tone of the NLM, and sympathetic to it as regards the usus antiquior, the reform of the reform, and the other Western liturgical rites and uses

If you are interested in such a possibility, please contact me for further details. Please include a sample of your writing.

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