Wednesday, June 17, 2009

15th Century Chasuble In Use

Fr Finigan has a fascinating post about a 15th century chasuble which was recently used for a solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form:

Fr Finigan writes:

Fr Thomas Regan OSB of Belmont Abbey, and parish priest of Our Ladye & St.Michael's, Abergavenny, celebrated his 30th anniversary of priestly ordination the other day with High Mass in the Parish Church. Deacon was Dom Antony Tumulty OSB, and Subdeacon was Fr Andreas Erhardt.

The chasuble Fr Regan is wearing is a rather special one from the parish's medieval collection which I mentioned once before. It was donated by Henry VII, having been embroidered in 1498 by Robynett his court embroiderer. It was already 150 years old when worn by the Abergavenny martyrs St David Lewis (parish priest there for 31 years) and St Philip Evans (curate for 5 years) until his martyrdom in 1679.

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