Friday, June 12, 2009

Danish Reader: Good Books on the Liturgy

A Danish reader sent this in and I thought it would be good to open up for general considerations. Please use the comments.

I live in Denmark, a small country with an even smaller Catholic
population. The New Liturgical Movement (understood in a broader sense than just your site) has a hard time kicking in here... I am thinking that ... the re-formation of the faithful must happen primarily through input from abroad. This would include translating books on the liturgy and sacred music into Danish.

Could you name some books in English that, in your opinion, would provide a good introduction to these themes for contemporary Westerners and which could point Catholics in the direction of a deeper understanding of the sacred, thus facilitating this movement which our Church needs so much?

I am thinking both of books that concern themselves with the mystical nature of the sacred (such as Ratzinger's 'The Spirit of the Liturgy') as well as books that describe the ancient rites and traditions of the Church ... in a captivating and accessible way.

One of the very best short introductions to the sacred liturgy is Four Benefits of the Liturgy, written by "A Benedictine Monk" (Dom Gerard Calvet). This was originally published in French and later in English by the St. Austin Press. It is under 40 pages which also makes it reasonable as a consideration for a translation project.

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