Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul, Brünn, Czech Republic

Quite by accident, I came across this stunning photo of the Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul in Brünn, Czech Republic.

Here is some further information from the site if Czech Bishops Conference:
According to the latest research, [the] beginnings of the church in Petrov go back to the 1170's. Later it was rebuilt in Gothic style and around 1500, during one of several reconstructions, its title of St. Peter was extended to Ss. Peter and Paul. During the Thirty Years' War the church burned out and was renewed in Baroque style in 1651-1652 and 1743-1746.

In 1296 a collegiate chapter was established by the church and when Pope Pius VI established the Diocese of Brno in 1777, the church of Ss. Peter and Paul was elevated to cathedral.

After an archaeological research in 1990's a Romance-Gothic crypt was opened for public. In 2005 permanent exposition called "Cathedral Treasury" was started. People can see there liturgical vestments, monstrances, chalices and other things that had been deposited before. The treasury is thus another place available for visitors of Petrov, beside Romance crypt and two towers that offer view of the city (from the southern tower) and of Pálava hills (northern one).

Source: Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul

Pope Benedict XVI will be visiting the Czech Republic from September 26-28 of this year.

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