Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More from Le Barroux

There was one particular photo from the series I recently took from the Le Barroux DVD which seemed to be particularly of interest to people -- no doubt because the colours and setting are such that it does have a striking resemblance to certain traditional scenes found in paintings.

Accordingly, I thought I would make it available to you in a larger size, along with a couple of others from that same sequence. If you decide to capture if for a desktop wallpaper image, perhaps you would consider purchasing the DVD in thanks to the monks of Le Barroux for making these scenes of their life available to us?

The next images are all clickable for a larger version.

(This is the original that drew some interest)

(A slight variation on the above)

(A bonus image)

Speaking of supporting the monastery, you may wish to visit their monastic store where they sell everything from religious items, monastery wine, olive oil, and even monastic-made sandals for men and women.

By the way, if you are curious what one of the above pictures might look like in an impressionist influenced style:

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