Thursday, June 04, 2009

First Solemn Mass (of Pentecost) of Fr. Michael Eades

Recently the NLM mentioned the ordination of Fr. Michael Eades at the Toronto Oratory. In the course of that post, we had mentioned his first Masses which were being celebrated according to the liturgical books of the usus antiquior.

Here we are pleased to provide a video which shows his Mass on Pentecost Sunday, a Solemn Mass at the Oratory's second church of St. Vincent de Paul.

Missa Sollemnis - Fr. Michael Eades

Here too are some stills from the Mass.

Again, our congratulations to Fr. Eades and the Toronto Oratory, as well for the care, reverence and dignity with which we see the liturgical rites -- in both forms -- carried out as always.

All photos and video courtesy of Greg Schilab

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