Saturday, April 25, 2009

Superior of FSSPX Announces New Rosary Crusade, Speaks of Doctrinal Questions

Le Forum Catholique has up the text of the "Letters to Friends and Benefactors No. 74" which is written by the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX/FSSPX), Msgr. Bernard Fellay.

Many will be familiar with the fact that the FSSPX launched two previous "rosary crusades", the first in 2006 with the intention for the freeing of the restrictions upon the usus antiquior, and the second in 2008 for the lifting of the excommunications.

Now, in his most recent letter to friends and benefactors, Fellay has announced an even more ambitious "rosary crusade" which seeks "by 25 March 2010, a bouquet of 12 million rosaries..."

In his letter to the priests and laity who are associated with the FSSPX, Fellay speaks of how those who were opposed to the lifting of the decree of excommunication "found a golden opportunity" to criticize the FSSPX en masse in the light of the "unfortunate words of Bishop Williamson."

The letter goes on however to suggest that

"We must recognize, through what has happened in recent months [NLM: these criticisms], this is a deeper struggle, and it is clear that the one who is ultimately targeted is the Vicar of Christ in his efforts to begin a restoration of the Church."

Fellay goes on to re-assert the position of the Society in relation to the doctrinal question:
Thus we do not accept the Vatican II texts other than in the light of these solemn declarations (the profession of faith and the antimodernist oath) made before God and the Church. And if they are [found] inconsistent, then necessarily it is the novelties that are wrong. We rely on the announced doctrinal discussions to clarify as deeply as possible these points."

(Please note: the translations provided herein are unofficial NLM translations from the original French letter.)

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