Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Thursday Rites at the Birmingham Oratory

One of the "flagships of the reform of the reform" is Cardinal Newman's own Birmingham Oratory. The NLM was pleased to receive some pictures from Mrs. Jackie Parkes showing some of the solemn ceremonies which took place there in the modern Roman liturgy for Holy Thursday.

(This raises an important point. Liturgically, we need exemplars within both the context of the ancient Roman liturgy and the modern Roman liturgy -- and even better where both are accomplished in the same place. This is not only consonant with the vision of Pope Benedict XVI, but it is also very important in the larger scheme of things. Accordingly, we can be particularly thankful for the Oratorians in continuing to lead in this regard -- both in season and out of season.)

(The Mandatum or Washing of the Feet)

(The Consecration)

(To the Altar of Repose)

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