Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chants of the Church, Modern Notation

First, the news on the Parish Book of Chant. We are moving into the 3rd printing of this book. I don't know at what point a liturgical book becomes a "best seller" but this is surely coming close. It is being used by seminaries, colleges, cathedrals, and parishes all over the English speaking world.

Now, the next point I have some sense is going to really help people. It is Chants of the Church by Solesmes/Gregorian Institute of America, 1954. We preserved the color in scanning this, which makes the file bigger than it ought to be. But it is very helpful in this way for liturgical programs and guides.

You will see that this contains a large Kyriale plus many chant hymns, in modern notes (don't use this as an excuse not to learn square notes!), with English translations in red (literal translations). This will not go into print because of the cost of color printing but it is a very helpful online tool. Thank you to Richard Lee for donating his copy.

Here is a sample (and if you like this, thank the CMAA):

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