Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sung Extraordinary Workshop, day two

This morning begins with a concelebrated Mass in the OF, the Feast of Catherine of Siena. The old calendar's same feast is tomorrow - in light of how many changes were made to the new calendar, it is not far off. No reason for further comment.

After the Mass and some coffee, its back to the trenches with sung orations, the Vidi Aquam, Pater Noster, etc. In the afternoon participants will begin work on singing the lessons: the prophesy, epistle, and gospel tones. We'll be joined by another faculty member today, David Hughes, organist and choirmaster from just up the road at St. Mary in Norwalk, CT.

We all had the privilege last night of listening to a lecture by Monsignor Stephen DiGiovanni of St. John the Evangelist, our host. The point of the talk was to give participants a list of four or five practical changes they can make in their parishes, changes pastors must make, in order to bring about the reform of the reform. The talk was well received (standing ovation), thoroughly engaging, and scholarly and accessible at the same time. The Monsignor has been asked to write up his talk for publication in the CMAA's quarterly journal, Sacred Music.

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