Thursday, April 30, 2009

Colloquium Packet (Prelim) is done (for now)

Here is the music packet for the 2009 Sacred Music Colloquium, Loyola University. It is now ready for on-line viewing, minus the Vespers and one motet but it still comes in at 200 pages. No, you don't have to sing it all. There are five choirs working on putting together some of the greatest music you will ever experience at Catholic Mass. Packets will be available at the event so you don't have to print it. Finally, anything in the Parish Book of Chant is not in here.

This is an unusual conference in the sense that it is not a trade show, not a series of lectures. It is a participation event for all singers and musicians. The purpose is to provide real-time experience, a full immersion in sacred music.

I personally believe that this event is one of the most remarkable in the world today, an event that shouldn't exist by measure (no funding, where's the real interest, etc. etc.) and yet it grows and grows. It changes lives. The training you get here makes it possible to serve the faith in ways you never imagined possible.

Note: the Vespers service, one Psalm, and one motet are missing, so the packet will be more than 200 pages once complete.

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