Wednesday, December 03, 2008

St. Agnes adds Usus Antiquior to Parish Mass Schedule

The news has been quickly spreading around the Catholic internet world that flagship reform of the reform parish, St. Agnes in St. Paul Minnesota (which Msgr. Richard J. Schuler helped to put on the map) has added the usus antiquior into their parish schedule.

The parish has been celebrating the modern Roman liturgy in a reform of the reform context for quite some time now (and to great acclaim) and from what I understand, they will now in addition begin celebrating the usus antiquior on a semi-monthly Sunday basis, alternating it as the primary parish Sunday Mass with their reform of the reform liturgy -- if any local reader knows more information, please let the NLM know.

The establishment in parishes of both the usus antiquior and the modern liturgy which is being celebrated in a reform of the reform context -- and in sung forms in particular -- is certainly something to be encouraged and fostered, and it seems very much in keeping with the vision of Pope Benedict XVI.

The blog Chris & Co. have some images up from the first of the new Sunday Masses to be celebrated.

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