Monday, December 15, 2008

A Sung Mass at Notre Dame

My fellow correspondent Emily over at The Shrine of the Holy Whapping posted a very fine photo taken of last Sunday's sung mass in the Extraordinary Form at the University of Notre Dame's Alumni Hall chapel. Gianna, of the blog But I Digress..., has more.

A few things to note. The Mass was conducted with great dignity and grace in one of the campus's more beautiful residence hall chapels, and shows the weekly usus antiquior community on campus continues to grow ceremonially and to be respected and taken seriously by Campus Ministry. In addition to the celebrant, one other member of Holy Cross attended, in choir. One particularly handsome view shows how gracious the lifting of the chasuble at the elevation can be, especially with a dignified Gothic cut.

Also, to forestall any panic attacks on the part of our preternaturally sharp-eyed readers, the server with the ponytail also appears to have a very full beard in some photos, so one may safely assume that he is a male.

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