Saturday, December 13, 2008

Problems with the USCCB server?

One of the enduring puzzles among all parish musicians and administrators is the strange system that the USCCB uses for displaying it's Psalms for the year. It puts up only three months at a time, and neither the previous Psalms nor the later Psalms are available. Nor do they allow anyone else to post them, since the way things have worked out there is a confusing thicket of copyright nonsense that somehow prevents this. I tried to get a clear answer from the USCCB once and ended up on a wild goose chase of claimants that ended up nowhere.

Well, another correspondent has had more success. Here is the note from the USCCB received in response to a query about the time limits on Psalms:

Keeping multiple months online simultaneously would make things confusing to find and overwhelm server capacity.

You are free to make of that what you will, but it seems like an upgrade is in order. After all, NLM is able to store 3 years of massive data and do it on free servers. In fact, I'm sure that the USCCB could talk to Shawn Tribe about hosting Psalms, and the CMAA would certainly be happy to host all Psalms on its server. Anything to help out.

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