Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where's my FSSP Training DVD?

A few people have asked this very question and were concerned that their order may have been lost. So I put the question to our friends over at the FSSP so that they could have the opportunity to make an announcement to let you know where things are at.

Here is what they noted:

...we've had a few issues which have caused somewhat of a bottleneck. One is simply the tremendous backlog of orders... We should have all the orders shipped by the end of the year...

There are a very small number of orders where the credit card number which was used to place the order has since expired. These we are contacting via phone and email to get the updated credit card information to process the order. So, if anyone has not been contacted regarding their order, they may sit tight and rest assured it will arrive within the next few weeks.

So rest assured all and be patient. Your DVD should arrive soon.

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