Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Psalm verses for Introit/Communio - 1962 Missal

After many requests, Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum is now available in print. This book, 233 pages, provides the Psalm verses for entrance and communion propers for the extraordinary form. The antiphons themselves are not in the book. It is a useful volume for a fairly narrow purpose, but essential for those who sing this Mass and don't want to point the verses or dig around for them week after week. The book was first in print in 1962 and has been incredibly difficult to find.

How is it different from Communio? The Psalms are the old Vulgate and there are no antiphons, and introits are included. The typesetting is more old fashioned, and it is certainly more difficult to follow (in my view).

The point seems like a small one, but it is one more addition to a vast and growing collection of Catholic music newly available. The free download of the book is available here.

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