Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reader Question: Roman Chasuble and Altar Frontal Patterns?

A priestly reader is looking to have vestments made up in the Roman style, complete with pieces used within the usus antiquior, and is in need of assistance in finding good patterns for such vestments. He is also looking for patterns for altar frontals in the gothic and Roman styles.

I am certain there are others out there who are thinking similarly, and so I am sure it will be of benefit to open this discussion here.

Now, there are various cuts possible to a Roman chasuble. Some wider than others, some longer or shorter than others. Accordingly, it would be helpful to have the advice from vestments makers (professional or hobbyist) and particularly it would be nice to see an example of the pattern put into practice with pictures of the vestments in use. This will best show how a particular vestment pattern will look when actually used.

If there are patterns people have found to be not particularly good or easy to follow, this would be relevant to know as well.

Please use the comments to discuss.

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