Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Translation of Durandus, On the Clergy and Their Vestments

Many NLM readers will be familiar with Durandus' Rationale Divinorum Officiorum, a mediaeval liturgical commentary. The NLM mentioned a new translation of the prologue and book one from Durandus' work earlier this year and is pleased to announce that books 2 and 3, which focuses upon sacred vestments, is now being published in a new translation by the same translator, and is available for pre-ordering:

William Durand, On the Clergy and Their Vestments
A New Translation of Books 2-3 of the Rationale divinorum officiorum

Translated and with an Introduction by Timothy M. Thibodeau
180 pages, 6 x 9
Paper $35.00
ISBN: 9781589661912

The Rationale divinorum officiorum of French bishop William Durand of Mende (c. 1230-96) remains one of the most influential works on the medieval understanding of the worship ceremonies of the Latin Church. Divided into eight lengthy books, Durand's treatise covers a broad range of topics associated with the liturgies of the medieval Church, from the symbolism of church art and architecture to the structure of the Church's calendar.

Thibodeau's new translation offers a modern English rendering of portions of this classic work. Book two, on the clergy and their ordination rites, has never been available in English translation. Book three, on the vestments of the clergy, has not been translated into English in over a century. A detailed historical introduction and copious notes accompany Thibodeau's translation. Given the widespread revival of interest in liturgical history, this volume will be required reading for historians and theologians alike.

For more information: William Durand, On the Clergy and Their Vestments

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