Monday, December 15, 2008

A Final Photo Essay on Rose Vestments

I did not intend to address this again this year, but while making the normal news rounds, I did happen across a few examples of Rose vestments which struck me as quite interesting and quite dignified. I wished to share them with our readership as perhaps they will give vestment makers and clergy who are commissioning vestments ideas about what they might seek after when having rose vestments created.

First, from the first Mass of a newly ordained FSSP priest in France yesterday:

The next vestments come from an Anglican setting, but are evidently applicable to a Catholic liturgical setting as well:

Finally, this one you will have already seen in the previous post by Philippe Guy, but it is a very nice rose cope worth highlighting again in this particular context (or at least, from the picture, it appears to be the darker, redder form of rose; the shade seen in the picture, at any rate, would certainly work as rose):

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