Thursday, December 04, 2008

Advice Requested for Those Beginning to Use the '62 Roman Hand Missal

An NLM reader sent in the following question recently:

I am new to the Latin Mass, and have purchased a ’62 Missal from the Canons regular of St. John Cantius, and need help trying use it to follow along in the Mass.

Can you help?

Rather than addressing this person privately, it seemed to me that some others likely have a similar question. Moreover, many of our readers may recall their own particular struggles and strategies that were beneficial to them in learning to use the '62 hand missal.

So, again, instead of responding with one approach and to one individual, let's open it up in the comments to our readership: what things did you struggle with when you first tried to use the missal and what did you in particular find most beneficial?

One piece of advice that I will add here to get things started is a recommendation to purchase a home/office liturgical calendar to help follow the particular days in liturgical time. Personally, I use one published by TAN that lists both the traditional and modern liturgical calendar all in one.

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