Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stational Churches of Lent: Wednesday after the Third Sunday in Lent

Station: S. Sisto Vecchio
(Collecta: S. Balbina)

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From the Churches of Rome wiki:
It was one of the tituli, the first parish churches in Rome, known as the Titulus Crescentianae. Tradition claims that it was founded by Pope Anastasius I (399-401).

In the 6th century, the relics of Pope St Sixtus II were moved from the Catacombe di San Callisto to this church.

A monastery at the site is mentioned in the 8th century.

It was rebuilt by Innocent III (1198-1216). In 1218 or 1219 it was given to St Dominic de Guzmán, who established a Dominican convent here. This is still in use by Dominican sisters.

In 1724–1730, Pope Benedict XIII had the complex restructured. Only the campanile and the apse remains of the medieval church.

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