Monday, March 15, 2010

Reform of the Reform Communities and In Utroque Usu: Opus Mariae Matris Ecclesiae

In response to our recent feature on the Communauté Saint-Martin and the call for other communities who are actively pursuing the reform of the reform to come forward, we have received a few responses in recent days.

Today I would like to feature Opus Mariae Matris Ecclesiae, a priestly fraternity based out of Italy in the Diocese of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli -- and one that I cannot say I have been heretofore familiar with.

As will no doubt be the case with many of these entries, they are as equally part of the series on communities or parishes operating "in utroque usu" (that is, in both forms of the Roman rite) as they are part of the the reform of the reform communities series. Indeed, today more than ever these can be clearly understood as closely going hand in hand and most certainly "Benedictine" in spirit.

This particular fraternity does indeed use both forms and was founded by Don Pietro Cantoni and primarily operates in the aforementioned diocese. Their website offers this about themselves:

Although originally from the most diverse parts of Italy (... and not only in Italy) we were born in the diocese of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli and it is especially in this diocese that we exercise our apostolate. The Bishop gave us a house near Pontremoli... Our goal is to serve the spiritual life of the diocese and the whole Church.

Here is a selection of photos of them.

The community in 2007

Modern Roman Liturgy


Usus Antiquior

Having now learned of this priestly fraternity, the NLM will be adding a link to the community in our sidebar.

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