Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Resource for Dominican Rite Mass

As readers know the Tradition Dominican Rite has been celebrated on a regular basis both privately and publicly by any number of priests in the Western Dominican Province. So there is a living tradition of celebration here: I learned from a priest who had grown up with the Rite, Fr. Paul Zamit, O.P. and also served Masses, both solemn and simple, celebrated by other priests of my province who who grew up with the Rite and celebrated it regularly.

Fr. Anthony Patalano, O.P. the Pastor of Holy Rosary in Portland OR and I have done informal training for brothers of our province and, informally, for brothers of other provinces. As the other American Provinces had no living tradition of celebrating the Rite, there has long been a need for some kind of substitute for the "Living Voice." I am happy to announce that the Eastern Province has produced an on-line training page, entitled The Dominican Rite: A Guide to Low Mass for those who do not have the benefit of access to a priest who knows the Rite. This production is up to our Eastern brothers' usual high web publication standards.

I am pleased to see that a link is included to New Liturgical Movement and to Dominican Liturgy, where we in the Western Province have been publicizing celebrations here of the Rite and where "photo reports" for such celebrations may also be found.

The quality of this site, which includes videos for the Low Mass, looks quite good to me. It is my prayer that we will soon be hearing about regular celebrations of the Solemn and Said Mass in the other American Dominican Provinces.

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