Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stational Churches of Lent: Tuesday after the Fourth Sunday in Lent

Station: S. Lorenzo in Damaso
(Collecta: S. Maria Domnae)

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From Blessed Ildefonso Schuster's The Sacramentary:
The Basilica of St. Lawrence in Damaso takes its name from the great Pontiff of the catacombs [Pope Damasus (366-84)], who caused it to be built beside the ancient Archives of the Roman Church, on the spot where his father had ended his long ecclesiastical career.


Under the high altar of the stational basilica rests the sacred relics of its founder, transferred thither from his tomb near Pope Mark (337-40) in the Via Ardeatina.

From the Churches of Rome wiki:
San Lorenzo in Damaso is a church dedicated to the deacon and martyr St Lawrence. It was one of the first parish churches in Rome, known as the Titulus Damasi.

The church is believed to have been founded in the home of the Pope St Damasus (366-383), by the Pope himself.

The church was rebuilt by Bramante in the late 15th century, and has since been restored several times. The restoration was part of the construction of the Palazzo Cancelleria, built 1483–1511 for Raffaele Riario and funded partially with money that Cardinal Riario had won gambling with Franceschetto Cibo. The Cardinal lived at Avignon most of the time, and for a period he lent the palace to St Bridget of Sweden.

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