Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Choral Introits and Graduals

This resource appeared in 1957, I can only suppose for the Anglican church, but they turn out to be very useful for Catholics in the ordinary form liturgy today: Choral Introits and Graduals by Healey Willan. The calendar is preconciliar and the language is English. They are all to be preferred to the last option in the GIRM, namely, some other hymn.

Update: a reader pointed out what is very obvious in retrospect: this is a Lutheran resource. Incredible, isn't it? In 1957, Lutherans were producing English propers in choral form. In 2010, the Catholic community that guarded propers for 2000 years has forgotten what they are and replaced them with hymns of their own invention. Would that we could progress to where many Lutherans were a half century ago!

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