Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Comments Off " Requests -- and a Reminder About Comment Registration

Parishes, Priests: Submitting Photos/Stories from your Parish with the Request for "Comments Off"

Unbeknownst to many, it is possible to turn comments off for individual articles/posts, and the NLM is open to doing this for specific types of post submissions.

If any parishes or priests are interested in submitting news and photos from their particular parish, but would prefer comments to be turned off, when submitting stories and photos of that nature, please make such a request by way of a clear and visible note within your email.

(Note: This applies to stories related to a particular parish. The most clear examples being someone who would like to share some renovation at their parish, or share photos of their parish liturgies, etc.)

Registering to Make Comments

Not infrequently, I yet see references in emails which suggest a number of people have been intimidated by the process to register to make comments on the new Echo comment engine -- and by now, many have also likely noted how this particular comment engine is popping up more and more on blogs.

Accordingly, I wished to repost this instruction on how to register for comments, which will serve you not only here, but on any other blog using this engine.

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