Monday, March 29, 2010

Stational Churches of Holy Week: Monday of Holy Week

Station: S. Prassede all’Esquilino
(Collecta: S. Balbina)

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From the Churches of Rome wiki:
The first church here ... was one of the tituli, the first parish churches of Rome, known as Titulus Praxedis. The first definite mention of the church is from 489.

The present church is the one built by Pope Adrian I c. 780, completed and altered by Pope St Paschal I c. 822. It was enlarged at that time mainly to serve as a repository for relics from the catacombs. It was the first church in Rome since Santa Sabina to be modeled on San Pietro in Vaticano.

It was granted to the Vallombrosian Benedictines by Pope Innocent III in 1198.

Some changes were made in the 16th century by St Charles Borromeus, with Martino Longhi the Elder as architect. His restorations were not altogether successful. Later, Ludovico Cardinal Pico della Mirandola also had it renovated.

The sanctuary and crypt were rebuilt in the 18th century.

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