Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Examples of New Vestment Design in the Baroque Tradition

This evening I wished to share a few examples of some Roman vestments, one of which was designed by one of our priestly readers. These particular examples, in my estimation at least, have a particular strength of design for the precise reason that, coming from the baroque tradition, the vestments not only have that cut, but the textiles themselves are of particular baroque influence and inspiration.

A more typical manifestation of such baroque influence today (as it relates to textiles) is the use of some form of gold brocade. These too can be very successful -- particularly when a larger pattern is employed -- but what makes these particular examples stand out is the use of additional colour in the instance of the green chasuble, and the use of a colour pairing other than simply a gold brocade pattern woven into another colour in the other two instances. In the specific case of the white and gold chasuble, the colours also appear to be of more subtle tonalities, which is also very appealing.

All of this not only works rather well in relation to this particular style, but -- from a comparative perspective -- also makes them stand out from other vestment designs.

To lend a further sense to what I am attempting to describe in relation to baroque inspired vestments, here is another example which has these same qualities.

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