Monday, November 05, 2007

The Quest for the Perfect Incense

A priest friend sends the following:

In my continued quest for the perfect church incense, I stumbled across this link yesterday (actually found it on the wrapper for the incense charcoal). Thought you might like another resource for this kind of high-quality stuff in the States...every priest knows how poor the quality of Church incense usually is...Well, these folks are the "real McCoy."

Note that they are the ones who make the incense that St. Peter's always uses at Vespers. They are also the ones who make the real version of the famous "Black and Gold" also known as Pontifical Incense. Note that they have a full line of different blends that can be purchased in bulk (for those super high Masses, I guess), most of which are unknown in the USA but have been around in Europe for a long if you want something for your parish that's unique, this is the place to go.

I don't know exactly how expensive they are, but I would be surprised if they are more than 25-30 dollars a pound. Feel free to pass this along.

Three Kings Products
1021 Echo Lake Rd
Watertown, CT , 06795-1639
Phone: 860-945-5294

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