Saturday, November 24, 2007

Papal Vestments (and Throne) for Today [UPDATED]

One word: splendid!

(The above photos copyright Reuters via Yahoo News)

Do also take note of the papal throne that was used:

(Copyright Fotografia Felici)

This perhaps, more than anything, bespeaks of the fact that "noble simplicity" does not have to mean that there cannot be an ornate quality to things such as vestments and church furniture.

And here is one more, also via Fotografia Felici:

As someone rightly noted in the comments, we have seen this mitre and cope before, but what is nice to see is how quickly we are seeing these things, along with the altar arrangement at the previous Mass, under the new Marini's tenure. Let us hope that it bodes well as a pattern for future papal liturgies.

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