Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Roman News

I was browsing through an official Vatican image site and happened across this lovely series of images of Bishop Rifan of Campos Brazil with the Pope today:

Bishop Rifan has been in Rome recently for the Una Voce Conference, and one wonders if he won't be around for the CIEL Colloqiuium in Rome which started today -- reports and photos will be forthcoming here on the NLM of course in the coming days.

Also visible in the photos from this event is Dom Louis Marie, the Abbot of Le Barroux:

No doubt the Abbot is also around for the CIEL Conference. The Abbot presented the Pope with a gift, possibly a liturgical vestment such as an embroidered chasuble.

Not directly related to Rome, but in the news yesterday and again today is also the seeming good news of Cardinal George's new role on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as President of that episcopal conference.

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