Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Una Voce's Rome Conference

ORBIS CATHOLICVS has some reports up of the recent Una Voce conference in Rome. (Tomorrow begins the CIEL conference in Rome as well incidentally.)

Here are some excerpts of what that blogger had to say about the conference:

"At the Casa Tra Noi near the Vatican was just held the bi-annual meeting of Una Voce International... The abiding faith of the delegates and observers, conversations, meetings, holiness and prayer were a source of great inspiration to all... All the news was upbound: the continued buildup and support of the movement has been furthered with this summer's Summorum Pontificum and an even greater and younger base of support is being seen within the movement."

"With poise and joy the representative of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter gave a nice lecture from the rostrum on the astonishing growth of the F.S.S.P. since their establishment in 1988 as well as their new standing in light of the frontier that has since been opened with the release of the long-awaited motu proprio of July 7th."

"Most Rev. F. Rifan of Campos, Brazil... delivered an exceptional lecture which proved him to be a rock of solid good sense and unwavering strength and firmness."

To read more about it and to see some photographs, do head on over there.

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