Sunday, November 18, 2007

Six Traditional Altar Candlesticks and a Donation

I was recently contacted by an Catholic organization which wanted to issue a donation to the NLM.

I first wanted to thank them publically for their generosity and for thinking of the NLM.

Second, in raising this, they had asked whether they could give such a donation and how if so. This put me to mind that I should quickly mention that the NLM has a Donation page which explains where such donations go, should others be interested -- and which also includes some donation incentives; those who want to avail themselves of that should mention it to me and confirm the title.

The easiest way to make such a donation is via the Paypal button at the top of the NLM under the banner.

This idea of incentives brings us to the main point of the post. Due to the generosity of friend, I have a set of SIX traditional brass altar candlesticks that could be used on the altar for either liturgical form.

The candlesticks are the traditional "3 footed", Italianate variety, with a face of Our Lord, Our Lady and St. Joseph on one of each of the three sides. You probably know the type. They are a traditional in appearance and stand about 2 ft. in height with prickets. I am in the midst of cleaning them up to get the brass to shine brightly again.

Evidently, these should be put to liturgical use. To that end, if there is any priest who would be interested in making a donation to the NLM in exchange for the candlesticks, please email me to discuss possibilities..

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