Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've noted to myself recently that there is a noticeably more irritable tone that can be witnessed in the comments.

As seems to be necessary every so often, a reminder about the rules of the comments.

1. Regardless of what you think of someone's ideas, don't call a person by names. That includes not calling Bishop Donald Trautman, "Trautperson" for example. This really detracts from the substance of any discussion and often results in the real points and issues being lost.

2. Individuals should not be attacked generally. If someone says something that is problematic, address the issue rather than attacking the person.

3. Feel free to disagree, debate and critique, but do it in a reasonable way, avoiding accusations, assumptions and exaggerations.

4. Be civil, constructive and intelligent in your comments.

The NLM comments have often been noted for being more constructive, reasonable and on the up and up than often happens in these sorts of matters. I think we've slipped on this in the past few weeks, so it is time to reverse that course and put ourselves back on track.

To assist in this regard, I ask all of you who comment to be extra conscientious in this regard in the coming days and weeks.

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