Thursday, November 29, 2007

The croccia

A reader asked for more information about the so-called croccia.

This term is actually used to designate several different garments worn by different ranks of priests or prelates of the Papal Household.

The caudatario's croccia:

It has the shape of a sort of open violet woolen mozzetta with short sleeves.

It is worn -by Pius IV's concession in 1559- whenever the train-bearer of a Cardinal escorts him to a papal function.

The Papal Chamberlain's or Papal Chaplain's croccia:

It's a sort of red woolen mantle covered with red silk and with a large hood covered with ermine in winter.

It is worn by Privy Chamberlains and Papal Chaplains only during papal functions

The Cardinal's croccia:

It's a sort of open violet woolen cloak worn by Cardinals over the mozzetta during the Conclave until Pius IX's election in 1846. Later, it fell into desuetude.

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