Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Novena to St. Cecilia

A correspondent writes: "With all that's going on in regards to sacred music at the USCCB, I have an idea. Wouldn't it be timely to take the desire to see real reform in the area of sacred music to prayer? I propose a novena to St. Cecilia. If we start tomorrow, we'd end on her feast day. Perhaps its a corny idea, but I do believe it would be efficacious. Or am I too starry-eyed?"

Doesn't sound starry-eyed at all, or perhaps starry-eyed is precisely what we need to be. St. Cecilia has been helping the cause of sacred music for a very long time. Predating her role in this was St. John Baptist, who was the first patron saint of music (which I heard from someone at some point, but now I'm at a loss to verify that).

St. Cecilia must stay very busy with this cause, but saints always seem to have the time and attention for a special issue. I can recall well how she immediately went to work in the case of our own parish, praying that there would be a place for good music and that we would be prepared to provide it. Her presence and prayer were what made the difference. Why is it that we wait so long before asking their assistance when they are so happy to provide it?

In any case, I'm in.

Coda: I offer this one as a possibility

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