Saturday, November 03, 2007

Book titles available

I have some books titles I would like to put up in the next few days, including some with pictures, however, for now, let me list a few new titles I think would be of some interest:

Newman, Historical Sketches (3 volumes, Longman edition) -- this delightful and important set of essays includes such delightful topics as "Mediaeval Oxford", "The Church of the Fathers", "Primitive Christianity", "Benedictine Schools", "Rise and Progress of the Universities" and more. Published in the 1800's. Wear to bindings, but still good. 2nd volume from a different series, but a very nice set. - $50.00

Newman, Essays Critical and Historical (Vol. 2) - $20.00

Klaus Gamber, The Reform of the Roman Liturgy - $10.00

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, Predestination (Hardcover with Dustjacket. Some pen notation inside.) - $30.00

Cardinal Mercier, A Manual of Modern Scholastic Philosophy (2 volumes, hardcover) - $50.00

The Faith of Catholics (3 volumes, hardcover, ex-lib), Rt. Rev. Msgr. Capel - $100.00

Jacques Maritain, Formal Logic (Hardcover with Dustjacket.) - $20.00

Jacques Maritain, A Preface to Metaphysics: Seven Lectures on Being (Hardcover with Dustjacket) - $20.00

Jacques Maritain, The Person and the Common Good (Hardcover with Dustjacket) - $15.00

Jacques Maritain, Some Reflections on Culture and Liberty (Hardcover) - $30.00

Jacques Maritain, The Dream of Descartes (Hardcover) - $25.00

Jacques Maritain, The Twilight of Civilization (Hardcover) - $20.00

Christopher Dawson, Progress and Religion (Paperback) - $10.00

The Eucharistic Liturgy in the Roman Rite, Semeria and Berry, 1911. Beautiful gilt cover with blue cloth. Covers history of Mass, vestments, etc. - $30.00

The Way of a Pilgrim - deluxe hardcover edition of Russian spiritual classic. Seabury Press. - $35.00

Just a reminder as well that I have a 4 volume edition of Butler's Lives of the Fathers, Martrys and Other Saints which is oversized, with beautiful dark green covers with gold gilt designs embossed on the cover and spine, not to mention the gorgeous, full-colour, full page medieval illumination style chromo-lithographs of various saints throughout it. It's pretty well the nicest edition of the Lives of the Saints in my estimation. A true family keepsake. $200.00 for that set -- and well worth it.

I also still have a 3 volume, softcover edition of the Marietti edition of St. Thomas's Summa Theologiae for $100.00.

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