Monday, October 30, 2006

YouTube - Sarum Use and the Ambrosian Rite

I'm not sure if this has been posted on here, but for those interested in seeing a few "teasers" from the Sarum Use DVD that has been spoken of on here recently -- and which, God willing, will be made publically available for people to purchase -- take a look here:

While you're at it, I should note that the same "You-Tuber" has also put on the OMM video of a Solemn Ambrosian Rite liturgy, done in Rome in 2003. This was supposed to be produced, with enough sales at any rate, into a formal DVD. I still hope it happens. Perhaps if people from here go there and place a pre-order, it will still happen.

Here is part 1 of 15, but it looks as though all 15 parts are there. If not, they are also available on the web elsewhere, with the whole Mass in its entirety.

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