Monday, October 16, 2006

The hermeneutic of continuity: Rosary Crusade Report

The hermeneutic of continuity has a Rosary Crusade Report up which includes some images from the simply spectacular London Oratory:

(Fr. Finigan is giving the sermon above.)

I had the blessed opportunity to visit the London Oratory for their main Sunday Mass, as well as Solemn Vespers and it was a moving experience to say the least. An incredible catechetical homily by Fr. Ignatius Harrison, a gorgeous piece of sacred architecture with more side altars than one can count, and well done liturgics in all regards completed the picture.

Wonderful as well to see were the inclusion of the Tridentine liturgy in this parish at various times. Let us hope and pray that this harmonious co-existence becomes more normative in more parishes with the forthcoming liberalization.

I cannot but recommend that if you get the opportunity to visit the London Oratory, you simply must. It is a gem within the Church and a beacon to be certain.

I am hopeful that they might make a video of their liturgy some day that the fruits of their fidelity might be spread even further afield.

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