Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Liturgical Catechesis Pamphlets: An update

Readers will be glad to know that work has begun on the first of the "New Liturgical Movement Liturgical Catechesis Series". The first pamphlet will be on the matter of the liturgical orientation of the priest at the altar.

At present I am working in a mixed context of some "Q&A" aspects, as well as other that is not Q&A. The idea behind this is to answer some basic questions in an easy to identify way, but then to dig deeper into the history, theology, etc. of it. Thus, hopefully, a variety of audiences will be hit with this.

I'm also pleased to report that the highly skilled Matthew Alderman is working in close conjunction with myself to develop original art for these publications. From what I've seen so far of Matt's preliminary sketches, they should themselves provide an excellent catechesis and reference to the broader liturgics of the new liturgical movement.

This particular aspect in crucial I believe as we have the opportunity to custom design an image that people can see and relate to today, but which highlights the nuanced theology in a way that will teach in sync with the text itself.

To our Priests: I invite you to comment and state if there are particular questions, authorities or content you would like to see included/explained, and in particular, which would make you and your brother priests comfortable in putting these pamphlets out in your parish racks, or make you feel more confident in the catechesis they would receive from them as a preparation for adopting such a liturgical practice in your parish.

I believe I have a fair idea, but this input is always invaluable from your pastoral perspective.

That is an update on where we are at. Things are beginning and off to an excellent start.

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