Friday, October 06, 2006

NLM Pamphlet Project

The Pamphlet Project:

I want to thank all the people whom have emailed me about the pamphlet project.

I am going to proceed with creating some basic outlines and we'll go from there.

The finalizing stage will take some work, including theological "fact-checking", grammatical checks, the addition of imagery, etc. but for now I want to collect in rough draft form the basic information that will comprise the pamphlet.

For the initial phase what I will attempt to do is as follows: a blog post will be created according to a particular topic. That topic will include a rough outline of the pamphlet (which may or may not evolve) and possible suggestions or requests for particular information from particular authors or sources.

Those inclined to contribute can them submit the information in the comments field. Suggestions are acceptable as are brief critiques if those think the information may not be accurate -- though it is not to be a forum for debate in that particular instance as we will quickly lose focus on the project.

Basically what I'm after are people whom can take the time to look up the references in Church documents and the work of liturgical scholars.

Once I have this raw information, I can take things from there and proceed to the next step when I may call on particular individuals.

Does this seem fairly straightforward?

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