Monday, October 09, 2006

The 16th Century: It's the thing

I'm sorry if this is old news but Sting has released a CD of the music of John Dowland, and while it lacks the precision and high artistry of most Dowland recordings, it has very special charm and is really quite appealing (at least to me). In fact, the sincerity and honesty of the perferomance reveals a special quality of this music. You can hear selections here. Click on "Songs from the Labyrinth," and, yes that is Sting playing the Lute. Here is the CD site created by Deutsche Grammophon.

What does this have to do with liturgy? Well, it's really very thrilling to see this icon of popular music become interested in the styles and music of 16th century secular music. It is also a sign of the times, a return to fundamentals that is looking for a richer form of beauty to be found in past ages. Is it too much to ask that the sacred world also look to this period and discover its own treasures that far surpass the secular music of the period?

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